self-care guided by the moon
a project by ciara bird

join the circle and embark on a visual journey 
through the art of healing the divine feminine 

moon prompts, stories, and recipes for healing

love your moon


Sesen Moon is a visual story.

An exploration of self expression through the

divine quest to seek higher consciousness.

Created by Ciara Bird as a temple to document

her journey, evolution and ascension back to self —

through a sacred holistic lifestyle, healing, independent study,

culture, creation, yoga, art, words, and spirituality.

VIBE / the lists



As an artist, designer, mother becoming and maker — I have set out to slowly refine and give life to a collection of timeless essentials created in small batches for both the temple and the nest.

Inspired by the countless muses I have met, interviewed, worked and lived with over the past moons, and pulling deep from my childhood reveries, each collection celebrates self love, transformation and ritual.

In a world filled with instant gratification, I have dedicated myself to slowing down the process of making, using and doing, returning my attention towards consciously collecting, reusing, and finding more peace, health and happiness in daily life.

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